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Super Mario 63 Game:

Super Mario 63 is an excellent fan made 2D video game inspired by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The game was developed by Runouwand the first released in 2009.

Being a fan made game, so, super mario 63 has a lot of levels and features are based on its original, however, its graphics and some other features were improved much more than the original version.

In this game, you also can control Mario, a plumber or his twin younger brother, Luigi. As the same as the storyline of the original version, your mission in super mario 63 also is to lead your character passing a lot of interesting but full of challenge adventures and finally is to rescue Princess Peach. In order to do that player will have to complete total 10 levels, collect as many star coins and shine sprites as possible.

How to play Super Mario 63

It is very easy to control super mario 63.

Using arrow keys to move your character.

Using button Z to talk to others NPC or ground pound.

Using button X to spin attack; button C to use fludd and shift to switch fludds.

In addition, you also can use button P to pause game, "-" to zoom out and "+" to zoom in.

Super Mario 63, tips and tricks

In the game, you will see some strange banners, they are the suggestions for you to pass some difficult terrains, so, using button Z to read these suggestions.

Moving your character follow the arrows on the game to complete the level.

Try to collect as many star coin and shines sprites as possible.

You will have 5 lives in this game so try to complete all the levels before running out of lives.

Super Mario 63 unblocked, how to play?

If you are a fan of the cool game super Mario 63 and want to play this game at anytime and anywhere, super mario 63 unblocked version is the best recommendation for you. With this unblocked version, you can play this game at anywhere. No matter where you are: school, airport, railway station, etc, you still can play this game because there is nothing blocking you.

And another great news that website, provides you super mario 63 unblocked for free. This is a reputable free online game site, where provides you not only super mario 63 unblocked but also thousands of other interesting games.

Now, I will not waste your time, starting the game, overcome all the levels to rescue Princess Peach. Let's see how well can you do!

Super Mario 63 Walkthrough

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